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Communa Feliceni
Sat Valeni 44
Harghita 537107

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A piece of wood today – the star of a game tomorrow

Our subsidiary in Transylvania, Harghita County, Romania. This is where the wooden components for the board games we produce for the international market are manufactured.

A little more about us

30 employees work together for a young company that is committed to a high standard of quality. We make wooden components for board games for our own group. Our company is a subsidiary of the Ludo Fact group of companies. Around 800 employees work together in the Group at eight locations worldwide.

The components are made from the raw wood of a beech, maple. Our final product is a ready-made bag with wooden components for board games. Of course, we work according to the European standard EN 71 and the paints used are water-based without exception.

Sustainability, respect for resources and team spirit are not just words for us, but daily tasks and goals.