Current COVID-19 situation for LUDO FACT group: Our plants are running at 100% capacity!


Over the years, we have acquired a considerable amount of specilized know-how. Whether you are
planning a card game, a puzzle, a large edition board game or a Kickstarter project, we will be happy to assist and advice you.

Here you can see how  a general process looks like at our company


01 Product Development

We will discuss with you how the product can be mplemented best in terms of design and production. In doing so, we always keep an eye on cost structure for you.

02 Offer Phase

Then we generate a detailed offer, containing specifications on the corresponding product components.

03 Selection of the production facilities

Now together we decide at which production site (Czech Republic, Germany (headquarters), USA) it is most efficient to realize your project. With our strategically located plants, we offer you a presence in all relevant markets 


01 Print Data & Punching Tools

We advise and support you in the implementation of print data and technical drawings for punching tools.

04 Shipping/Storage

After production, your products will be stored at our logistic subsidiary Ludo Packt.

At Ludo Packt we offer the following services:

  • Storage in a state-of-the-art warehouse facility
  • National and international transport logistics
  • Preparation of PoS displays
  • Decentralized shipping of products to national and international retailers
  • Pick & Pack individual shipments to B2C customers
02 Print Data Control

Within our internal data control process, we check the integraty of the data before it goes on press.

03 Quality Control

Your product is constantly subject to random quality controls: from receiving, during the production of the individual parts until packaging. Our dedicated employees do their very best to ensure that we can deliver the optimum product.

We are looking forward to your game idea!

Your project is tested and it is time to see where it can be produced? Get in touch with our sales team, we will be happy to evaluate your game and help you to get it ready for production at Ludo Fact!