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We are looking forward to your creative board game ideas and support you to make your dream come true. With our 25 years of industry experience and our tremendous know-how, your satisfaction is our goal. We guarantee you the highest product quality through our great commitment as we believe in a mutual partnership.


You design your puzzles and we manufacture them for you. We offer a variancy of formats and multiple number of puzzle pieces (24 – 6.000). If you would like to have different formats or need a customized layout, we will find a solution for your project.

Playing Cards

Playing cards are important components of many board games and games in general. Per year we manufacture in our production facilities 20 billion playing card decks, traditional and individual playing cards. Our most recent development is digital printing of unique playing cards.


Gertrud Geiger

Head of Sales

Phone: +49 8225 9699 30
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Frank Jaeger

Product development Board Games & Kickstarter 

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Markus Weigand

Key Account Manager Playing Cards & Card Games

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Stefan Blessing

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Fabienne Thoma

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Annina Bueller

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Miguel Saldivia

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Florian Thiel

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Dr. Anis Azzouni

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Andrea Kreuzhofer

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Heike Miller

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Anna Miller

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Joanna Lawrenc

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Lisa Knakowski

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Annkathrin Götz

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Parental Leave

Carrie Schnatterer

Parental Leave

Sandra Gross

Parental Leave

Annika Sendlinger

Parental Leave

Sonja Duelger

Parental Leave

Contact USA

Lee Ramsey

Vice President of Sales

Phone: +1 765 767 5664
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Vickie Barbour

Account Executive, Puzzles & General Packaging

Phone: +1 765 767 5669
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Jacob Bleier

Account Executive, Board Games & Puzzles

Phone: +1 765 767 5668
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We are looking forward to your game idea!

Arrange a non-binding consultation now and tell us about your game idea. We will be happy to advise you and look forward to learning more about your project!


We are very proud that we have been able to produce many excellent games for our customers worldwide in the past.