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Games inspire the world! They are expressions of valuable ideas of creative authors and publishers. For over 25 years, we have been bringing pleasure to the world with games: 70,000 board games a day, 350,000 games and puzzles a week, and up to 17 million units a year – for around 200 game publishers worldwide. We offer you our “all-around carefree package” and are your contact from A to Z: our service portfolio includes development support, production and all logistics services.

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Looking for a manufacturer for your puzzle?

You want to have your puzzle made and are looking for a reliable producer? Then we are the perfect partner for you!

Games inspire the world – we make them!

Our common mission is to bring valuable game ideas to life. As an “all-around carefree package” we support you in development, production and shipping. We have been producing board games, puzzles and playing cards of all kinds for more than 25 years. In addition to environmentally friendly production, we also offer our customers certified quality controls and a direct contact person who accompanies you throughout your entire project. We leave nothing to chance, but work with passion on your game idea.

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Every project is different. Therefore, it is important to have talked about all eventualities in advance and to work out a reliable plan. We are happy to help you with that. Arrange an initial meeting with us for this purpose. In this consultation we will talk about your current situation and how we can best help you implement your project.

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Extract from our references

Board game The Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan

Game of the year 1995
Publisher: Kosmos

Board game Azul


Game of the year 2018
Publisher: Next Move

Board game Codenames


Game of the year 2016
Publisher: Czech Games Edition

Board game Spinderella


Children's game of the year 2015
Publisher: Zoch


Game of the year 2013
Publisher: Abacuspiele


Game of the year 2010
Publisher: Libellud


Game of the year 2008
Publisher: Kosmos


Game of the year 2007
Publisher: Abacuspiele

The Quacks of Quedlinburg

Kennerspiel of the year 2018
Publisher: Schmidt Spiele


Kennerspiel of the year 2014
Publisher: Pegasus Games

The Legends of Andor

Kennerspiel of the year 2013
Publisher: Kosmos


Kennerspiel of the year 2012
Publisher: Eggertspiele

We are the ideal partner for you when…


...you have already realized game ideas and are now looking for a suitable producer for current or future projects.


...you are looking for an experienced partner within the industry who knows what he is doing and will never leave you out in the cold.


...environmentally friendly and sustainable production is important to you.


...you want to have production in Germany with the highest safety regulations and excellent working conditions.


...you are looking for consistent product quality and a reliable partner.

If these points are important to you, then arrange a non-binding consultation with us now. In our conversation, we'll talk about your project and how we can best help you bring your game idea to life.

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We love to produce games!

That is why we have made it our business to pass on this passion to our customers in the form of quality, safety and reliability. Every game is different but every game gets the same care and attention from us that it needs to transport passion and joy to the end customer. We are proud of the projects we have been able to realize together with our customers for over 25 years – our products inspire many millions of people on all continents from young to old.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between digital and offset printing?

Offset printing is an indirect printing process in which an intermediate carrier is required, e.g. a rubber blanket, to apply ink to the printing substrate. The different colors are created by optically mixing the four basic CMYK colors. In digital printing, the paper is printed directly without an intermediate carrier, e.g. with dry toner or ink. The larger the print run, the more economical offset printing is compared to digital printing.

What kind of pressure do you use?

Our suppliers usually use offset printing. We can also print small runs of, for example, playing cards and puzzles in-house using digital printing.

What is the right raw material for my playing cards?

It depends on your quality requirements, the game mechanism and your budget which material is right for your game. If you want to avoid that people can see through the cards (e.g. if the cards are held in the hand while playing), then playing cardboard with an opaque graphite layer (black core) is the right choice for you. If the playing cards are to lie primarily on the table while playing, a standard quartet cardboard is sufficient. Playing card board with opaque interlayer is higher quality - the cards are stiffer and you can by no means see through them. Quartet cardboard has the advantage of being cheaper.

What is a card folding box?

A card folding box, unlike a slip box, consists of only one part, not two. The deck of cards is slid into the box and closed with the tab connected to the box. Folding boxes are a more convenient storage option for playing cards than slip boxes. Inverted boxes are more stable and durable.

What components do you work with?

In the games we produce are mainly components made of cardboard, paper, wood, plastic and linen.

Sustainable production is important to you? Us too!

For more than 25 years, LUDO FACT has been acting in an environmentally conscious way and for more than 20 years we have been investing in renewable energies.

Ecology is a driving factor of our group and ensures that the production of games, puzzles and playing cards at our company is carried out in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

In the manufacture of our products, we attach great importance to a low carbon footprint and the use of sustainable materials. In our most important markets, Europe and the USA, we are close to our customers with our production sites.

The LUDO FACT Goes Green page explains LUDO FACT's environmental commitment in more detail. You're invited to join us in making sure the games industry does its part to help save our planet.

FSC badge

Short transport routes

Natural material paper

Sustainable wood

Clean electricity

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We are looking forward to your game idea!

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